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Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust (JBHT) has been a transformative force in advancing educational excellence since 1994, establishing 83 educational institutes, including schools, colleges, and career planning facilities, rooted in the belief of education as a fundamental right for all.

Health care

Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust staunchly upholds access to quality healthcare as a human right, operating 5 hospitals and 7 dispensaries across Pakistan, annually providing medical care to 200,000 patients through a spectrum of services, from OPDs to specialized departments, aiming for comprehensive service to humanity.

Water wells

In Pakistan's water-scarce landscape, Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust stands as a stalwart defender of the fundamental human right to access clean water, addressing the dire challenge where approximately 80% of the population contends with unsafe drinking water, endeavoring to redress the stark imbalance.


Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust is committed to providing shelter, having built 10,000 homes for the homeless and vulnerable, prioritizing individual well-being and offering a sanctuary for those in need.


855 300+ Children in
Pakistan Need School

Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust

Helping Today. Helping Tomorrow

Established in 1994, the Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust stands as a distinguished humanitarian organization founded by a dedicated group of scholars. Committed to the noble cause of alleviating the suffering of humanity in times of distress, the trust has undertaken a myriad of impactful projects spanning various sectors. With a profound focus on education, shelter, water, disaster relief, and other critical areas, the trust has emerged as a beacon of hope and compassion. Over the years, it has diligently worked towards fostering positive change and uplifting communities in need. Through its unwavering commitment to humanitarian principles, the Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust has left an indelible mark, embodying the spirit of selfless service and solidarity with those facing adversity.






Our commitment to effecting positive change is evident in the diverse range of projects undertaken, spanning educational scholarships, the construction of educational and vocational training institutes, emergency relief initiatives, winter support encompassing blankets and warm clothing, festival celebration relief for the underprivileged, sanitation, shelter, water, health, and flood response. The strides we have made in these areas underscore our dedication to holistic community development.


Give Education for Children

In the realm of education, our programs have afforded thousands of student’s access to quality education, while our shelter initiatives have provided homes to those facing homelessness. Our water projects ensure clean drinking water for communities nationwide, and our health programs deliver critical medical care to those in need. The efficiency of our flood response efforts has proven instrumental in aiding those affected by natural disasters.

Gratitude and Appeal

Join Us in Empowering Lives Across Pakistan

None of these achievements would be conceivable without the steadfast support of our generous donors, dedicated volunteers, and collaborative partners. The gratitude we extend for the support received thus far is profound, and we earnestly appeal for continued assistance as we persist in our mission to effect positive change in the lives of individuals throughout Pakistan. Together, with your continued support, we can forge ahead in making a meaningful and lasting difference for those who are most vulnerable and in need. Your partnership is invaluable, and we look forward to advancing our shared commitment to humanitarian service

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Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust prioritizes healthcare as a fundamental right. Operates 5 hospitals and 7 dispensaries across Pakistan. Provides medical care to 200,000 patients annually. Services include OPDs, state-of-the-art theaters, and specialized gynecology departments. Comprehensive efforts aim to serve humanity comprehensively.

Flood Relief

Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust: Committed to humanitarian relief in disasters. Aiding flood, earthquake, and terror victims since inception. Notable relief efforts during 2010 and 2021 floods. Distributed Rs. 50 million worth of relief items. Providing food, medical aid, tents, and shelters.

Marriages for Orphans and Poor Couples

The trust has sponsored 1,777 marriages, fostering stability and resilience within vulnerable communities, demonstrating a commitment to social welfare.